A Better Metal Sonic


this is an actual picture of how my favorite characters are made



"Pretty much. But admit it, you liked Christmas." 

"Can’t argue that. This one just seems kinda weird though."


*The twins were going to tell him that people decorated and hid eggs for kids to find but then an idea came to them. What was the fun of Easter if you didn’t believe in the Easter bunny at least for one year?*

Well the night before Easter a bunny comes around with a basket of colorful eggs and hides them all over for people to find.

The eggs have things like candy, money and toys in them so the more you find the more prizes you get.

"…A bunny?" So was it like that Santa guy too then?

"Dare I ask why?"



"It’s called Easter, Shard. It’s a holiday." 

"Do organics have a holiday for everything? Sheesh!"


Well it’s going to be the last one for a while.

Anyway eggs are a common decoration for Easter, along with bunnies, chicks and flowers.

All spring things. So maybe it was a celebrating spring holiday.

"Okay, so what happens?"


*Try to hold back giggles.*

No Shard it’s for Easter tomorrow.

It’s another holiday.

Another holiday? Geez there’s a lot… Okay, so uh, why eggs?”

/Looks around.

“…What’s with the egg theme all of a sudden? Did Eggman take over when I wasn’t looking?”



Well, he should’ve seen that coming. So he’d have time to avoid the tug of his ear. Second time, yeah. Second time! He groaned louder a bit irritated. With a sigh in defeat he crossed his arms without too much struggle on that.

"Some parental role you’re interpreting! Buuuuut I’m not going to tell anythiiiiing." 

…Geez, did he really act like this to older Chuck? Shard made a mental note to apologize to his creator.

Well fine, two could play it that game.

"Why not?"


"Me? Make me-" He paused a little surprised at the other. He finally faced toward him.

"Why should I tell you? After all you’re not my dad." The finished sarcastic sentence was remarked with a roll of eyes, though not to mention he was visibly fidgeting.

Haha no. That would be the weirdest role reversal ever. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t act like the Chuck he knew.

Reaching over, he tugged at Charles’ ear.

"No I’m not. Tell me anyway."

Amy came to a stop once close enough she tilted her head with a slightly dumbfounded expression. The female hedgehog had to admit she was taken by surprise she saw that familiar face. "Shard? Is that you?"



"What’s up, Ames?"


Well, I have a responsibility here i’d rather not ditch." Amy huffed, crossing her arms. "Did you at least tell Nicole where you were going?”

Shard rolled her eyes at her attitude. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the everything.

"What responsibilities? You do know I’m not a Freedom Fighter, right?" Or at least he wasn’t anymore. "An’ yeah, I did."