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Hello there. I was wondering, are you going to come back to this blog someday? This is not me trying to push you or anything, take your time. I just wanted to know, especially now that I've seen that the Chuck blog is going to stop. Please let me know, and thanks!

(Public posting this for all of my watchers.)

Thanks for asking this! I appreciate that people still enjoy my asshole robot here even though I haven’t been giving him much love lately.

As for ever returning, I can’t really say. To be honest I don’t know. I’ve grown extremely disinterested in the comics lately just by how much dragging it’s been doing. Especially the werehog thing. It just dragged ON AND ON and by the time it actually happened, I honestly just didn’t care anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love and cherish Shard and he will always be my favorite character. But with him probably never appearing in the comics again, it’s really hard to play as him.

As of right now, I probably won’t return as him. If he actually appears in the comics again MAYBE but I’m not paying much attention to it anymore.

I’ll keep this blog up of course in case people want to read over anything I’ve done or on the off chance I might want to come back. But until then, thank you so much to everyone who loved my Shard as much as I loved playing as him!


"Y-Yeah…" Elias said as he brought a hand to his forehead. "Not exactly a time I like to remember. Almost didn’t make it out of there alive. Anyways no, we don’t have any oil lying around. Sorry." He said with a laugh.

'I should be scared. But he feels like an old friend…weird.'

"Apotos is pretty nice this time of year, if it’s in your zone. I actually found out my alternate is royalty…still surprising."

It was actually kind of amazing that Elias wasn’t scared of him, not that Shard was complaining! Maybe he was used to robots and stuff at the college…

He could tell the subject of Chaos was a sore one. His better judgment told him to drop it. “Been to Apotos too! I recently took a huge trip around the world.” Shard immediately brightened when talking about his amazing trip until Elias brought up royalty. Huh…so he’s already been told about that sort of thing.

Well that made things easy! “Yeah. Where I’m from you’re the king. I’m like…” The robot paused as he figured out how to word this. “Kinda like your bodyguard. Not that you really need one!”


"Good idea." Elias said with a laugh as he walked over to the counter, grabbing a smoothie for himself. "I’d imagine you don’t do much eating and drinking, huh? First time I met a robot you know." Pauses as he takes a sip of the drink.

'Although why do you look so familiar?' He thought to himself.

"Yep! You ever been to Spagonia? We actually moved here from Station Square a few years ago…after that Chaos thing attacked the city."

While Shard was tempted to tell Elias what it was like in his own zone between them, he decided against it. The last time he gave out information about his zone, things didn’t turn out so well. “Unless you got any high-grade oil back there, no thanks. And I’ve been to Spagonia a few times, yeah. Mostly just for vacation.” Hey, robots needed vacations too! The robot chuckled at his own little joke and walked up next to him. It was nice to know that even under different meeting circumstances, they could still get along. In fact he liked this meeting a lot better than the meeting of the Elias in his own zone. Not exactly a time he looked back fondly upon.

Curiously Shard tilted his head. “Chaos thing…?” Funny, why did that ring a bell? Chaos attacking Station Square…

-Retrieving Information…-

"Oh. Oh you mean when Station Square was flooded?"


"Well you’re in our bakery right now…well mom’s bakery since she opened it, but I help out!" He replied with a slight smile. "So your name is Shard, huh? You know it’s strange…but somehow I feel like I should know you. Like a feeling in the back of my head. Weird."

"You live here?" Weird indeed… He was so used to seeing Elias as an authority figure now. Ironic since when he met him, he had little to no power at the time. He recalled Elias mentioning that before he was on the throne, he was living in a secluded little village, the same one Joker and one of the twins had picked him up at. Maybe it was something like that.

"Well uh… If I’m not around in this zone then I dunno why you’d think you’d know me." Shard paused and crossed his arms slightly. Different zones didn’t affect relationships in other zones, did they? Shrugging, the robotic hedgehog added, "Don’t think too much on it, it’ll just give ya a headache." He grinned and lightly batted the other playfully on the arm.


"No, sorry. And how do you know my name?" Elias asked as he walked up to the robot. "Wait…some duck named Bean told me about alternates. Are you confusing me for one of them?"

"…You’re an alternate?"

"Whoops! Ehehe, sorry about that!" Well this suddenly turned awkward. But the Elias he knew wouldn’t forget him, no way. "Guess I shoulda see that. I dunno why you’d be here in Spagonia!"



Shard glances around. He recognized this place as Spagonia but what was King doing here? “…What? I got something on my face?”

"N-No…it’s just I’ve never seen a robot before." He replied, a little wary around the bee-colored robot. "Who are you?"

"…’Scuse me?" Shard puffed out his "cheek" in annoyance and put his hands on his hips. "Elias, it’s me. Shard? Ring any bells?"


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Just stares at the robot in surprise. 

Shard glances around. He recognized this place as Spagonia but what was King doing here? “…What? I got something on my face?”

"You guys want fireworks?

"Oh I’ll give ya fireworks." Grin.

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Human Archie Sonic Character #14: Shard the Metal Sonic!


Human Archie Sonic Character #14: Shard the Metal Sonic!